Here's a Fun website


This is a really well done and scientific website with surveys about your morals. There is a bunch of survey on the site. It a good way to was time and feel like you are somehow learning about yourself

Here's my morality quiz results...I think I am a little liberal.

I am the green bar and blue is people who consider themselves liberal and red conservative


  1. i got
    harm: 5.0
    fairness: 4.5
    loyalty: 1.9
    authority: 2.0
    ...purity: .2


  2. I wonder what Mikey is going to get!!!

  3. I think I fixed it.

  4. You can take a morality / ideology test based on recent research that has shown correlations between disgust sensitivity and moral philosophy/political ideology at:

    It's neat beacuse it's harder to cheat on this one.

  5. Go to ted talks and search for Jonathan Haidt he is the guy behind the website. Pretty interesting stuff.

    I took the the disgust one and I have an exteremly low digust rating. Except with animals I am just below average


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