Life With Mikey [10-19-09]

By Mikey

Donkey Kong is one of my personal heroes. I like the way he behaves under pressure. I know sometimes when my wife is getting on my case about not mowing the lawn or sweeping up pretzel crumbs I just want to start launching barrels all over the place.

The Simpsons is still as funny today as it was on the Tracy Ullman Show.

I am horrible at making paper airplanes.

I don't trust fortune cookies.

You couldn't pay me enough to go skydiving.

Lady Gaga is actually pretty good. I know you expect me to talk bad about her because I'm "too old" but she has some good tunes.

Crab apples-- yuck!!!

Frozen yogurt is not too bad, although I hate thawed yogurt.

It's time to break out the winter hat and scarf.

I don't drink coffee or tea, but I have my fair share of Sprite.

It's time to throw out leftover hamburger casserole.

Dippin' Dots are a once a year space aged treat.

Modern video games are just too complex for me. I like tennis on the Wii though. You just got to swing around a controller.

Dreadlocks are fine for a reggae band, but if you're working at a shoe store get a regular haircut.

Macadamia nuts are good, but they're like $5 apiece.

Everything on the TV these days seems to be about Cougars. It's just too sexual for my family.


  1. i was under the impression that dippin' dots were so awesome because they could be enjoyed literally all the time.

  2. You seemed like the kind of person that would drink a lot of Sprite.

  3. Video games are easy once you get the hang of things, Mikey. I know 16 plus buttons is intimidating but you are missing out!!!

  4. Mikey, some weeks I just don't know what to say to you...

  5. sorry to break character, but really : jake, this is so funny. life with mikey is hilarious EVERY week. very impressive!


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