Life With Mikey [10-12-09]

By Mikey

I don't see why why people have such a problem with prop comics? Ventriloquists are prop comics and I dare you to name somebody as funny as Jeff Dunham. His ethnic puppets are some of the funniest since Pinocchio.

What in the world is Wing Street and how do I get there?

I do occasionally dust, no matter what my wife might tell you.

I always want to eat a Sausage McMuffin for dinner, but they stop selling them before noon. I probably only want it because I can't have it.

I don't like the way the Boxcar Children glorify being homeless.

I'm not interested in seeing a 3D movie unless it's a theatrical re-release of Jaws 3D.

I could eat a stack of pancakes the size of a tire if I wanted to, but I don't.

Sugar Ray Leonard is much cooler than Sugar Ray the band. Although I've never seen college kids talking about Sugar Ray Leonard, so what do I know?

What in the heck is matzoh?

Why aren't there any sticker books coming out anymore?

The Lik-a-Stix is one of the all time great inventions. There needs to be more edible utensils. I also want to be able to eat the Fun Dip pouches.

The Make a Wish Foundation does some really great work.

Blank Man was a pretty disappointing as far as super hero films go.


  1. Sorry, Mike. I accidentally posted this for you with my name.

  2. Fixed it.

    Also, the reason they stopped making sticker books is because they are really lame.

  3. your opinion of sugar ray surprises me. i kind of always assumed that their self titled album was in your 2001 top ten list.

  4. Mikey must like boxing more than music.

  5. I read so many Boxcar Children books, but I never wanted to be homeless. Those books are about the principles this nation was built upon: Family, Trains, Resilience, Meddling in Your Neighbor's Business, Vigilante Justice, and proving that 6 orphaned kids will do just fine without Big Government programs like the Division of Family Services.


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