Christmas Opportunity [Scambait Vol. 6]

By Bub 

From: Jima fotopoulou
Subject: hi〗

Please forgive us to disturb your precious time.We are Hailong company.This is a electronic of the biggest international trading wholesalers in China.We mainly sell electrical products.
We can offer the high quality and competitive price, and all the products come with international warranty. If you have time, please visit our website.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Ricky Sun

Hailong Co., Ltd.
W e b s i t
Address: Number 36,Renmin Road,huangpu District,Shanghai City

Dear Ricky Sun,

I am very interested in your internationally warranteed electrical products. I am familiar with the Hailong company - pioneers of such modern marvels as the Droibot and the Epod. In fact I had an uncle that used to own a Betamax. I don't think you had anything to do with that, but I let people know whenever the opportunity presents itself. He died of a freak cancer accident, which I know your company is all too familiar with. My sincerest apologies.

I also apologize that I had, prior to our first mutual contact via the email you sent which I am now responding to, given the impression that I couldn't be bothered with cryptic offers from overseas electronics firms. Nothing could be further from the truth. As it happens I spend most of my time signing up for Chinese electronics advertisement listservs. Then I spend the remainder of my time on underground Chinese electronics message boards posting under the username HiQltyCompPrcMst4Me. Some of my favorite boards are Epods Again?!, Droidbot Consumers Alliance, Epods Anonymous, and Intermediate Organic Droidbot Composting for Beginning Intermediaries.

You may be surprised that after all that, even though I have been contacted by phone several times by your company's mascot the 'E-bama-bot' during his ugly divorce proceedings, I have never been directly solicited via email by Hailong Company to purchase any of their products. I am happy to submit my consuming ability to your discretion. Instead of the hassle of visiting your website, picking out the products I want and then purchasing them; I want you to call me so I can three-way call my bank to give you permission to make financial decisions on my behalf. Then you can purchase the electronics that you know I want, have them sent to your intermediary Mr. Fotopoulou who can then courier them to my residence personally. This will cut out most of the middle as they say. I am looking forward to your phone call and to my brand new line of Uphones and Omuffs for the winter season.

Thank you for the opportunity,


  1. This is so funny. I literally died laughing.

  2. seriously - it's a good thing i know CPR.

  3. I bought Umuffs for my whole family this year.

  4. "hi
    Please forgive us to disturb your precious time."

    i laughed so hard at this. it reminded me of that one where someone said something like, "if you are not interested please delete this email and do not hunt me." i love scam b8!!


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