Life With Mikey [1-18-10]

By Mikey 

The Gin Blossoms are better than the TV show Blossom, which was actually really good. It taught me a lot about drug addiction.. I later was able to apply that knowledge to my brother, when he was addicted to meth.

It's hard to imagine that 10 years ago the world faced the Y2K catastrophe, and here I am still drinking the god damned bottled water.

I spit when it's appropriate.

Does anybody care about global warming anymore?

People need to get over Tiger Woods. He's a cad, no big deal.

Apples are good, but oranges are better.

Hotdogs are better the smaller they are. But don't quote me on that.

John Pauper is one of my favorite musicians.

Can anybody give me a brief review of the last couple Soul Asylum albums?

Shirley was pretty solid,. but Laverne was a mess.

Is doing drugs really that cool? Maybe it's just fun.

Pat Sajak is one of the coolest guys of the last decade.

Playing possum seems racist, but if you say it's not I guess I won't argue.

If I ever go skydiving I'm going to yell "Belushi" instead of "Geronimo" because I really love the movie Blues Brothers.


  1. I am going to have to disagree with you on Sajak.

  2. i'm sorry to hear about your brother. hope he's off meth!

  3. playing possum is racist. not following that one but yes, global warming is just becoming a bit annoying right now.

  4. Maybe if it were called "playing coon". At any rate, marsupials will never be racist.

    Tell you brother to move to Washington or Poplar Bluff, Mo. Both of those town have made pseudophedrin a prescription drug to stop the meth production in the area. Apparently it works.

  5. Do we have a Blossom tag? It seems necessary at this point.


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