Punny Jokes by Nate, #1

By Nate 
For those of you who have read this and noticed there was only one pun, and you noticed that I have clearly advertised this with the plural form of "joke", don't worry. I am hoping to make this a series.

So the other day I was driving down the interstate, and I took a pit stop at a convenience store. For News Years I have given up soda, so instead of buying my favorite drink, Dr. Pepper, I got a bottle of orange juice to mix with a 5 Hour Energy - five hours of energy now, no crash later. I paid for the liquid energy, got back in my car, mixed the two drinks, and took off down the road.

As I was driving, I started reading labels of the orange juice bottle and the Five Hour Energy. The Five Hour has 8333% of the daily dosage you need of B12, and 2100% of your daily B6. It also warns about the possibility of a "Niacin Flush."

Then I compared that to the orange juice label. Orange juice also has a fair amount of B6 and Niacin. "Oh, boy," I thought, "might I experience my first Niacin Flush today?" I was brimming with anticipation (but it could have been the B12.)

About that time I noticed a vitamin called Folate on the orange juice label. "Hmmm," I wondered, "I've not heard of Folate before. I wonder what that is."

Then I heard a voice in my head answer me (again, must have been the B12 talking), "Folate? I know what that is. It's what a young horse has recently consumed!"


  1. That was ONE punny joke Nate, and if you're interested the little guy eats his mother's milk!

  2. Haha @Bub. The title would insinuate there would be multiple punny jokes. Maybe that is the real joke.

  3. Maybe I should add that this is the first in a series of jokes.


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