One Week In-tertainment (2-13-10)

By Jake 

Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 41st birthday in Mexico.

Sandra Bullock does not think she's going to win the Oscar. I hope she doesn't. says that Sarah Silverman is dating a man who is not at all her type.

Kate Gosselin got a haircut I guess. This is news?

Angelina Jolie visited Haiti earthquake survivors. I think she was just hanging out.

Celine Dion is returning to Vegas!

Celebrity douche John Mayer told Playboy, in an interview with the magazine, that his dick is David Duke.

There is no news on whether Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are breaking up this week.


  1. did you guys see that tweet david duke did about john mayer? crazy you two (jake, david duke) pick up on the same news stories. you are obsessed with jennifer aniston! but, then again, who ISN'T?

    also, where did bub's post from last night go?! i was looking forward to reading it.

  2. WTF! I didn't get to read it yet either. :(

  3. 1 This is a sexy picture

    2 we talked about Sandra Bullock in our Oscar predictions


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