Sunday Morning Music Videos

By Jake 

It's Sunday and you just returned from Sunday mass. What is the thing you want to do the very most right now? That's right, go on the internet and watch some music videos personally picked out by me. Enjoy!

This video by Yeasayer is great. They go to some apartment and play somebody's piano. This is the last part of the Yeasayer Take Away Show, and the whole show can be viewed here if you're into it.

Magnolia Electric Co are a great band, but doesn't their singer look like French Stewart with a mustache? Plus, his hat is seriously stupid.

This extremely long video for the Dan Deacon song "Woof Woof," which is a muffled rap song, is seriously weird. The music doesn't start until 6 minutes into the video, but you'll be too busy being confused to notice. I hope they spin this off into a TV show.


  1. My band used to cover that Magnolia Electric Company song.

  2. God I hate Dan Deacon saw him live...the only thing good about it was a got pretty drunk.

  3. I'm not really a fan of Dan Deacon. I just like that song and the music video is really silly.


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