A Good Morning Photo Explosion!!!!!

By Jake 

Hi y'all! It's been nice here in the midwest for the last couple days and I've really been enjoying the sunshine. It seems like during the winter I didn't see the sun once. I'm in a much better mood now and am now, more than ever, making references to the movie Ghoulies in articles on here. I have also been taking a lot of pictures, now that there is something to take pictures of other than snow, and today's good morning is filled with said photos.

Our pal Tina asked if we could post this video on here and I obviously agreed. It has dancing and people dressed up like vegetables.

Garbage in the alley
This is a whole mess of garbage. It is not mine.

Sun shining through

IMG_6083wet stree1
The tree in our backyard got hit by lightning, leaving a fairly deep gash in the tree.

blue string
This is some blue string, or something similar, that's in our backyard.


rusty pipe

I can't wait until flowers start blooming and leafs begin to grow. Can you? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Kal and I are going to have a garden this year (if we can get plants to grow). I'm going to take hundreds of pictures of those plants.

  2. I like these pictures and also like Tina's videos. They're about local food.

  3. i lovvve tina's video. and i love your pictures. great morning!

  4. Nice pics. I can't watch Tina's video now, but I'm glad you posted it.


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