By Nate 

Who's still basking in the glory of our Lourd's resurrection? I know I am! Also, all the trees and flowers are blooming in celebration of Easter. Every time I go outside and see them I start tearing up and sneezing and coughing - I SURE AM OVERCOME WITH SALVATION! THERE SURE IS WONDER WORKING POWER IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!

Here are some videos I found on the internet of Jesus Christ. If he were alive today I bet he would be a Super Cop! (Too bad he can't work a miracle and make these embed into the blog!)

Jesus Christ: Super Cop episode #1

Jesus Christ: Super Cop episode #2

There are five episodes total, but I'll let you decide if you want to continue.

Today's Hiatus Warning:

The rumours that you've read on mashable are true. I am temporarily leaving OYIT as I have recently taken two jobs on top of my schooling. I'm sure the OYIT will be able to fill my Wednesday morning posts, but there is another solution: YOU COULD WRITE FOR THIS SITE!

Do you think you can be funnier than me? I bet you can be, too. You should email with a sample GM post and maybe we'll accept it!


The US Census Bureau will hire me for eight weeks during which you will not hear from me via this site. When the job is over, though, I will be able to regale you with many humorous anecdotes about faking my own death for the insurance money in southeast Kentucky, being shot by bloggers who refuse to take the census, and even tell you the secrets of ACORN's prostitution money laundering schemes! GET EXCITED!


  1. I hope you don't completely disappear, like a Harry Houdini or Chandra Levy.

  2. Or that kid from the milk carton that Hunter Thompson sold into a child sex/snuff ring. Good luck with the census Nate, you may find a girl so eager to take it in one of those rural Missouri towns that you'll need an extra man for the job. If that happens call the corpse of HST, oh wait they fired his ashes from a canon... Call the corpse of Johnny Depp

  3. so you ARE back in school, eh? you were very shifty and mysterious about it when i saw you at the table the other day.


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