KTz Preview Reviewz

By Katy 

I'M BACK edition. Who's excited? We all are, of course, but let us not waste time with simple pleasantries and moderate worship. We have movies to review and you have trailers to watch. WATCH THEM NOW.

  • The Back-Up Plan (Rated PG-13 for Jennifer Lopez' fiiiiiiiine back side).

  • My Take: What is a girl to do? You know, I've been in this situation at least three times. I can empathize with the main character, because I've also spent my whole life looking for prince charming and wound up pregnant instead. There is no way I'm going to see this movie, because it reeks of real life. The only Jennifer Lopez movie I have ever enjoyed (or seen) is Selena, and it's unlikely this Latina hottie can deliver that kind of cinematic presence again without playing a character already beloved by millions. Boo hiss this stupid movie.

  • The Losers (Rated PG-13 for epic comic book violence)

  • My Take: Apparently, this movie is meant to be an updated version of Vertigo's comic series The Losers. From what I can tell from one thread on one message board, fans of the comic are not entirely thrilled that the movie leaves behind the WWII setting. However, I never read the comics, so I'm perfectly happy with the general synopsis of this film. Unlike The Back-Up Plan, I can relate to this movie on a more emotionally healing level. The Losers were cast out for knowing too much, similar to how I was cast out of my job as a glorified peon. Then the company sent the CIA in to kill me and dispose of my corpse. I hope to see it in the next few days and hope that The Losers ends up being as awesome as Clash of the Titans was disappointing. I'm sorry if anyone went to see that movie because of me. I'm also proud to be one of the few that doesn't have a hard-on for Liam Neeson.


    1. The Cell is a decent J. Lo flick. I think you'd dig it Katy. It's pretty weird.

      I'm interested in seeing The Losers. At first I thought it was going to be a movie like The Bad News Bears, but I'm glad to hear that there's probably murder in it.

      I'm not really in to Liam Neeson either, but I liked Taken.

    2. I lik-ed U-Turn which features a nude young J-Lopez, Billy Bob Sean Penn and Nick Nolte?- I think, him or Gary Busey and always get them mixed up...

      'There is no way I'm going to see this movie, because it reeks of real life.' wtf? When does anybody other than Octomom (which btw had a very awkward cameo on American Idol this week)get artificially inseminated because they're bored?

      Anyway, glad you're back

    3. I get Gary Busey and Nick Nolte mixed up, too.

      Just remember Gary Busey was in Rookie of the Year, and Nick Nolte was in Thin Red Line.

    4. I think everybody gets Busey and Nolte confused. Busey was in Point Break, but I honestly thought it was Nolte.

    5. The Break-Up Plan looks like one of the most insulting movies to come out since The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. The TV trailer itself is the worst 30 seconds I have spent since the first time I had sex.

    6. welcome back k8y!! i wouldn't enjoy either of these movies, but i did enjoy this article.


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