Listmania: 2 Hot 4 TV

By Bub 

Top 5 Things I Saw On My Way To Afternoon Tea In Chicago

1. Segway pizza delivery man.

2. Giant homeless lady in war paint.

3. Young man outfitted in Pelle Pelle using a therapeutic cane as a fashion accessory.

4. Picasso sculpture at the Daley Center decked out in 'Hawks gear.

5. Sweater vested swarthy gentleman wearing pastel plaid tween girl shoes.

Top 5 Least Popular Facebook Applications

1. Methville

2. Invisible Poke

3. Pedophile Wars

4. Visual Trashcan

5. Where I've Cried

Top 5 Baseball Fun Facts

1. The term 'baseball diamond' came not from the shape of the field but from the popular song 'Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes'

2. Batwood is only found on a small island off the coast of Scotland. Due to over-mining baseball bats are predicted to become extinct in 300 years.

3. MLB players automatically get into Mormon heaven which coincidentally is Catholic hell.

4. FDR was rumored to have had prior knowledge of the impending popularity of baseball but chose to do nothing to prevent it in order to draw the US into WWII.

5. Baseball was used to settle trade disputes among the ancient Mayans. The losing team members would have their vestigial tails hacked off with sea shells.


  1. Haha! This was great. The baseball list was filled with facts that I had not learned yet.

  2. I invited everyone on my friends list to the "Where I've Cried" application but they all just blocked it.

  3. The cane-to-person ratio in Chicago has to be near 5-to-1. In some pacts of the city there are canes that also fashion stylish mini-canes decked-out in gold and Hannah Montana stickers.

  4. I use all those facebook aps and they form a gestalt of self-referencing shame.

  5. This is surely a recurring feature in the making. People fucking love lists. Even shopping lists are popular these days.

  6. I know I get all my information from lists so this is going to come in handy when starting conversations. Thank you so much!


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