Life With Mikey [5-03-10]

By Mikey 

My wife has been asking me to clean out the gutters. There is no way I'm going to climb a ladder and scoop that scum out of there. That's why I had a kid.

The Civil War is in my top 10 all time favorite wars.

Larry Bird was a class act.

Gonzo was so weird. Why would he be hanging out with so many chickens?

I think zebras are the smartest animals.

It's impossible to have a conversation with a baby.

How can missiles and corn both have silos? It seems like they're not that closely related.

Farmers are the real heroes.

If I could learn how to play a guitar, I would. But I know it's easier for me to stick to the violin.

My favorite philosopher is Tony the Tiger.

My wife wants me to quit buying my shirts at Wal-mart, but I can get nice button ups there for a good price.

I can't wait until it's hot. I'm going to listen to so much reggae.

Mugsy Bogues sounds like a violent gangster, but he's really just a small basketball player.

I opened the freezer door into my face the other day. I felt pretty dumb.


  1. Zebras are dumb just like you!

  2. Stop being a jerk to Gonzo, jerk! Why do YOU hang around with so many ARBY'S sandwiches?

  3. Guitar is WAY easier than violin. Also, can you post a list of your top ten favorite wars and the reason why?


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