Bobby Langston Blasts...Lack of School Prayer

By Bobby Langston 

I attended public school like many of the readers of One Year in Texas. Unlike you bleeding heart leftist charlatans I am not an atheist. I find strength in the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you didn't know, Jesus is the guy who died for our sins. He didn't even know what our sins were, he just died for them because that's what kind of man he was. He saved us. The only thing a liberal has ever saved me from was drowning when I was on a bipartisan cruise and Hilary Clinton threw me an inner tube. I still don't agree with her policies and I would never vote for her, but I am grateful that she saved my life.

One thing about Jesus: when we pray to him it makes him realize that we are thankful for him saving us. You don't want our lord to think we're not appreciative, do you? What happens when he comes back in 2012 and kills all the Christians in order to transport their spirits to heaven and you never took the time to thank him with a gentle prayer? He leaves you behind. Kirk Cameron wrote a book that proves that point vividly and expertly.

The best way to get kids in the habit of worshipping Jesus is to have them pray in school. School prayer is a gray area in politics. On one hand we have freedom of speech, but on the other we have separation of church and state. Those two things kind of go against each other. The principal of a school should have the freedom to lead the school in Christian prayer, but that's not what these snake-in-the-grass liberals would have you believe. They're so worried about Islamic fundamentalists being offended by worshipping Jesus instead of Mohammed. Who cares about Muslims? We're Americans!

If I had some children I would be forced to send them to a private school that does teach prayer. I would rather my kids be home schooled by my wife than to end up at public school not being taught The Bible. How are the works of Gary Paulsen supposed to teach a kid anything useful? His books are works of fiction and The Bible is filled with cold hard facts. His popular book Hatchet doesn't even have Jesus in it! I would punish my children if they ever read a book that doesn't either have Jesus as a character or doesn't feature a plot revolving around prayer. Plus, I'm pretty sure Gary Paulsen is an atheist.

Some of my liberal opponents have theorized that children turn to a life of crime and violence because of the overcrowding in school classrooms. I say hooey. The real reason kids turn to gangs and rap music is because school led prayer is against the law. Christian values are so important to developing children. Taking away the fundamental right to be led in prayer by a Baptist principal is unconstitutional. It should be part of the curriculum, if you ask me.


  1. Gary Paulsen ran away and joined a circus when he was 14, that's the kind of values these liberals want to instill - circus running!

  2. I prayed in school all the time. I bet Bobby went to SYATP every year like I did.


  3. If you had some children you should teach them about prayer yourself, you lazy, ignorant prick.

  4. "The Hatchet" is a metaphor for Christ.

  5. we had to pray three times a day, k-12! you would've had at least three orgasms a day, bobby!


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