Life With Mikey [5-17-10]

By Mikey 

It's been raining an awful lot this last week. I wouldn't mind usually, but I really want to have a barbeque. Making ribs inside seems blasphemous.

Was Gargamel trying to eat the Smurfs or use them for voodoo?

I could beat you at a game of Cooties any day, any time.

I've never seen Top Gun, but I still love Hot Shots.

I order gorditas because I like saying the name. I don't like the taste all that much.

Van Halen should get back together with Sammy Hagar.

Country Time makes the best lemonade. Even hand-made pales in comparison.

My wife bought five candles this weekend. When will this madness end?

Pop-up books were proto-3D movies like Avatar.

Dennis Franz should do some movies.

Somebody explain the rules of dominoes to me. I usually just set them up and knock them down.

Why would you go to an owl to find out how to eat a sucker?

A lot of bands from the 90s only had one hit. I guess that's what made the 90s such a great decade.

Helen Hunt is the most beautiful woman in the world.

The best invention: silly putty.


  1. I've never played Cooties, but I've owned the game at least three time-- MORON!!!

  2. J.C. Watts. I hate to break character, but this is an exceptionally amazing LWM. I love IT and I hate YOU

  3. after this weekend, my love for mikey has deepened beyond words. HE would have checked the batteries, because he is a better man than i will ever hope to be.

  4. "Why would you go to an owl to find out how to eat a sucker?"


  5. Mikey, have you ever dated a woman before your wife? Candals are a gender-specific addiction. You've got to get her some real help before she burns your house down.

  6. Silly putty is not the best fucking invention. How about the computer you IDIOT?


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