Life With Mikey [5-17-10]

By Mikey 

It's been raining an awful lot this last week. I wouldn't mind usually, but I really want to have a barbeque. Making ribs inside seems blasphemous.

Was Gargamel trying to eat the Smurfs or use them for voodoo?

I could beat you at a game of Cooties any day, any time.

I've never seen Top Gun, but I still love Hot Shots.

I order gorditas because I like saying the name. I don't like the taste all that much.

Van Halen should get back together with Sammy Hagar.

Country Time makes the best lemonade. Even hand-made pales in comparison.

My wife bought five candles this weekend. When will this madness end?

Pop-up books were proto-3D movies like Avatar.

Dennis Franz should do some movies.

Somebody explain the rules of dominoes to me. I usually just set them up and knock them down.

Why would you go to an owl to find out how to eat a sucker?

A lot of bands from the 90s only had one hit. I guess that's what made the 90s such a great decade.

Helen Hunt is the most beautiful woman in the world.

The best invention: silly putty.


  1. I've never played Cooties, but I've owned the game at least three time-- MORON!!!

  2. J.C. Watts. I hate to break character, but this is an exceptionally amazing LWM. I love IT and I hate YOU

  3. after this weekend, my love for mikey has deepened beyond words. HE would have checked the batteries, because he is a better man than i will ever hope to be.

  4. "Why would you go to an owl to find out how to eat a sucker?"


  5. Mikey, have you ever dated a woman before your wife? Candals are a gender-specific addiction. You've got to get her some real help before she burns your house down.