Life With Mikey [5-24-10]

By Mikey 

It's been so hot the last few days. I have spent more money on popsicles than I did on my last oil change. I don't know if I got a good deal from my mechanic or a terrible deal from my ice cream man.

Avocados are a little too exotic for my tastes.

The only RSS feed I get is a joke of the day, but I haven't laughed once.

Cabbage is best when slawed.

You don't see people making peace signs all the time anymore. I guess people are too busy texting and eating Chinese food.

I haven't read a book about dragons in about 15 years.

Why would people smoke angel dust?

I hate when albums clock in under an hour. I'm not about to spend $20 on a 35 minute CD.

Danny Glover's career has taken a bad turn, but he'll be back.

I'm not that into cake. It's just not for me.

I try not to buy anything made in Russia.

Tasers seem so futuristic.

Pumpkins aren't just for carving faces on.

I hope graffiti never makes a comeback.


  1. Mikey, maybe you should get a different joke of the day RSS feed. Did you ever think about that?

  2. I have been eating A LOT of Chinese food lately. I didn't know I was getting in the way of world peace though.

  3. I spent over $35 on my last oil change! So that means you spent over $35 on popsicles. You fucking psycho.

  4. omg you are so stupid. danny glover? really?? who are you, wes anderson?

  5. The Cold War is over asshole! And wrtf are you buying $20 albums?!?


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