OYIT's Poetry Corner

By Jake 

I know that nobody likes poetry except suicidal teens (and who cares about them if they're just going to kill themselves, am I right?), yet I'm still going to post some poetry here on One Year in Texas because I can. If you have a problem with that then email me at jake@oneyearintexas.com. Let's duke it out.

Strangers in Strange Places
I once met
A Guy on the street
He was confused
So I gave him some directions
I hope it was helpful

I met a guy with no money
So I gave him some
He said thanks
It was pretty nice

I met this guy named Eddie
He was an asshole
But he had
A mustache
So I hung out with him anyway

A Place Called Somewhere on Anywhere Street
I went to this one place
It was on Anywhere Street
Did you know that was a street?
I didn't, but
I still went there
It was sort of cool
But also sort of boring
I don't know
I guess it was okay
It could have been better


  1. Some of the best poetry I've ever read. Take that Shel Silverstein.

  2. Jake, I had no idea you had so much emotion bottled up. I'm glad you've finally found a way to express yourself.

  3. Jake please do not treat suicidal teens or poetry so callously! You could be responsible for either's death.

  4. I love these so much! I'm going to go write about them in my journal while wearing too much eyeliner and fighting with my parents.

  5. I loved these too, I hope we see them more often! You're a regular William Carlos Williams

  6. Thanks everybody! I'll do another poetry corner soon with some haikus.


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