Best of OYIT (First Four Months of 2010)

Gallagher Smashes America by Jake

Hot Rod's Guide to Surprise Parties by Hot Rod

Fast Food by Mikey

Site Review: 11 Points by Glenn

Oscar Predictions 2K10 by Glenn and Jake

Cautionary Tales of the Vigilante Snow Plow Men by Nate

The Bayside Gang's First Day of School by Jake

Who is Your Favorite President by Jake

Bub's Public Joke File Vol. 3 by Bub

Runaway Train by Bub

Tiger Woods' Attempted Spanish Language Apology by Bub

Existential Meditations by Bub

Getting to Know the Bad Girls Club by Gary

First Round of Submissions : One Year In Texas Annual Good Morning Miami Fan Fiction Contest by Bub

Corey Haim's Last Blog Post by Bub

Hot Rod's Guide to Polish Jokes by Hot Rod

Talkin' New York by Glenn

Bobby Langston Blasts...Health Care Reform by Bobby Langston

April Fool's Day: Don't Do It by Glenn

Bobby Langston Blasts...Baby Killing by Bobby Langston

Scam Bait: Bolo by Bub

Seattle's Best Part 1 and Seattle's Best Part 2 by Glenn

Good Morning Hooded Stranger by Bub

Hot Rod's Guide to Earth Day by Hot Rod

Hi Katy: Sometimes It's Hard to Laugh Edition (Short Story) by Katy

Divine Subway Intervention by Bub

April Cargo Cult by Scott B.

Listmania by Bub

Best of Debates by Glenn and Jake

Will Glenn Die in the North Dakota Blizzard?

Who is the Most Sexually Active Sesame Street Character?

Is Health Care Reform a Good for America?

Baths vs. Showers

Is Space Exploration Beneficial?

Would You Eat Meat Grown in a Lab?

Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Should You Have Premarital Sex?