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By Katy 

Grown Ups (Rated PG-13 for audiences too young to realize half these comedians are unamusing... I'm talkin' to you Rob Schneider and David Spade).

Grown Ups Theatrical Trailer

My Synopsis: Five friends come together after years of growing up to attend the funeral of their old, dead, beloved basketball coach. They're SUPER good friends, though they haven't bothered to keep up with each other in the least, so when they get back together they all act like twelve-year-olds, cuz that's just what happens when you hang out with friends you had when you were twelve. They celebrate dead coaches and do Fourth of July stuff while being absolutely hilarious by farting and using "dirty" language. Rob Schneider kills himself after watching Chris Rock actually make people laugh. His mind is literally blown.

My Take I had some hope for this movie when I heard Chris Rock and Kevin James were in it. Kevin James hasn't actually been funny in any movie he's ever done (I think, I haven't seen any of them), but I have a special place in my heart for his Comedy Central stand-up special Sweat the Small Stuff. I'd like to think he's actually somewhat amusing in this film. Then I saw Rob Schneider and David Spade and my mind was pretty much made up that the only way I'm seeing this movie is through the eyes of the highest girl in Iowa. Even then, it's super unlikely.

Stay tuned later this week for a special Eclipse movie preview review.

And by special I mean, sorry for wasting your time in advance.


  1. Was this the only movie that came out? Also: regressing when you're around old friends is true and we live it every day in this website.

  2. Only Schneider and Spade are unamusing? I'd rather see those idiots than Kevin James. Adam Sandler is pretty fucking awful too, especially in movies he wrote.

  3. 'I reckon I don't like-a this movie much, mmmm hmmm'

    Ha @ Glenn

    I'd like to read a positive review of this film, even if the reviewer hates it, it'd be funny to see someone really try

  4. I think the very mention of "Eclipse" in the same article elevates the quality of "Grown Ups."


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