Good Morning New York City

By Keelin 

Good morning, New York City -- I'm back in your overpriced, garbage-smelling bosom!

Loyal readers of the site may remember that I spent five formative years in Manhattan and occasionally return to laugh at the dreams of newly arrived generations. (That's second on my agenda this trip. First is brunch with Mayor Bloomberg at the Russian Tea Room.)

I lived through a lot during those NYC years -- 9/11, the Great Blackout of 2003, a group of British tourists asking me where Central Perk is ("You know -- the coffee house where Ross and Rachel hang out!"). I survived it all. And back then we didn't even have Pink Berry or Facebook.

Today's New York Forecast

It's hot as the devil in this city, which is fitting since it is also the devil's playground. If only air conditioning could wipe away sins in addition to providing sweet cool air.

Today's New York Song

Phil Collins is pretty much the worst thing ever, but this is still my favorite New York song. Who knew this guy would sink to "No Jacket Required"?

Today's New York Prediction

If you can make it here, you either a) are very wealthy, b) have seriously compromised your quality of living, c) are a chorus girl in "Cats." The rest of you can't make it anywhere.


  1. hahaha, keelin, this is amazing. have fun this weekend!

  2. Ha! I hope you have fun too!! Wish I could visit everybody in NY!!!

  3. We took Keelin to see Cats this morning and are going again tonight.

  4. I don't trust NY as far as I can throw it, but I am from the midwest.


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