Good Morning's Happen Everywhere!

By Kaleena 

I used to think the news was just too mundane and boring for this lively blog. However, after seeing the alternate spins that can be put on anything to make it hilarious, I've decided to try my hand at making the blunders of the world into humorous bloopers!

WOAH! Did anyone tell this bird blackface is NOT cool! It's for the birds! Oh....that's probably what he was told, come to think of it. I've never known a bird to be racist and I will be taking that to the bank!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Doesn't think just make all this crazy spy nonsense HILARIOUS! I mean really! This is what I always think of when I think of spies. Those old cartoony pelicans sticking dynamite into each others pants after they tricked the other into looking at a "sexy woman" pelican - which just ends up being a mop with a pretty hat! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

LOL x 1,000,000! OMG! Who the hell is still watching this!! LOL!! Seriously!? Oh wow.....I'm catching my breath. Phew! This is the greatest joke to happen in sports since - oh just watch 'Wide World of Sports' but I warn you - not EVEN close to as funny!

Oh sides. I think I'm going to throw up from all the hilarity. Seriously though, soccer is awesome and birds are not racist. Visit your local library for more information on both!


  1. Lol @ birds in blackface! Thanks Kal!!

  2. Haha, Kal turned into ashlee toward the end of this.

  3. I used to like black face, but now that birds are doing it I am not a big fan.

  4. i love this gm. ps - i tired commenting on all of the articles i've missed over the past week or so yesterday at work, only to find out later that none of them went through. just know that i read them all and laughed <3 hehehe

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