Life with Mikey (7-26-10)

By Mikey 

Why do people say things "cut the mustard"? You can't cut mustard, but you can spread it. When I say something can't "spread the mustard" people are confused.

I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but I did find "Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise" very funny.

Computers make people dumber.

I never allow my son to use a calculator.

Mother Goose & Grimm is a sub par comic strip.

My brother's rehab is going great.

I wonder when the next Bush album is coming out.

Beetle Bailey has never been funnier.

The only time I eat eggs is in egg rolls.

Fred Savage needs to star in another sitcom.

I am not a fan of Pablo Neruda's poetry.

Liza Gibbons was a solid talk show host. Maybe they could give her the Tonight Show.

Garbage Pail Kids stickers were pretty funny. I liked that they were gross.

I've never even seen a bong.

Why would anybody see a comedian that acts like a cable guy? Is it because it takes so long for the cable guy to come to your house that you will pay to see one do comedy?


  1. I'm glad to hear about your brother's rehab.

    If Bush releases another album, I am holding you responsible.

  2. Actually, Fred Savage is producing the new Bush album.

  3. Anyone who likes Larry the Cable Guy is a masochist.

  4. i'd kill myself if i were your son. without a doubt.

  5. I like The Cable Guy! There's a medieval times in the Chicago suburbs. You're still an asshole though Mikey!!


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