One Week in Entertainment

By Glenn 

In case you haven't been getting enough of Mario Lopez, he will be on a new "reality" TV show on VH1 soon. He had sex with his wife and now she is pregnant, so you can watch how they painfully decide to undergo an abortion. It will be very similar to the Saved by the Bell episode when the same thing happened with Jesse.

A US Appeals Court this week ruled that FCC's obscenity rules were "unconstitutionally vague," which is the same thing I said about most of the legislation passed between 2003-2007. The good news for us as low brow television viewers is we can see more swears and human torsos.

Mel Gibson's life keeps falling apart. The audio clips of his what some on the left call "racist" voicemails are now available. Additionally, he was given a $50 ticket for sleeping on the train in Los Angeles. Next week I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he was involved in the NAACP-Tea Party feud, but on which side?

The cast of Jersey Shore is on strike, to the extent they have anything to strike from. They want more money so MTV can continue to record them acting like drunk idiots. If they aren't careful, though, they will be replaced by alpacas or some other species who can mimic human behavior.

The Pitchfork Media Festival of 2010 happens this weekend. This year, the Eagles and Broken Social Scene headline. Broken Social Scene will be playing tracks off their new, third LP and the Eagles will be playing older songs such as "Hotel California."

NASCAR driver Carl Edwards's feud with Brad Keselowski continues because Edwards hit Keselowski with his car during a race. That is a bad thing in the NASCAR world because it's dangerous to hit someone with your car and it's also a sign of disrespect.


  1. There should be an option to listen to this article as a podcast.

  2. I'm glad the cast of Jersey Shore are exercising their right of collective bargaining so that they can be paid a fair wage to make a living and support their families.

  3. i can't believe you AND mel gibson got $50 tickets for sleeping on the train!


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