Top Ten Search Referrals to One Year In Texas

By Bub 

Periodically I search through our sitemeter account to see what searches are bringing people to our site, and to really get a pulse on One Year In Texas. Every time I do I am thoroughly disappointed, but often times I am amused. And on very special occasions, I share my amusement with you. Enjoy!

10. did Kelly break up with Zack for a college guy

From Caracas, Venezuela -

9. life with mikey racist

8. is 4 minutes enough

7. who sings the second verse in lfo's song if i can't have you

6. morning ryan

5. turn me on steven tyler joe perry sexual tension attraction

4. what do the monopoly pieces symbolize

3. PEOPLE regret buying ipad

2. Poison Ivy drew barrymore nude scene

1. Tim McGraw the whiney liberal


  1. Ha, some of those are good. Why would anybody be searching for "Life with Mikey" in any sense: the article or the Michael J. Fox movie.

  2. Haha. I'm pretty sure the the monopoly pieces are literal representations.

  3. Bonus search referral: 'Gary tube'

  4. i hope whoever searched "tim mcgraw whiney liberal" found what they were looking for.

  5. I hope that Poison Ivy search led them to the debate about "is Poison Ivy 2 Worth Watching?"


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