Life with Mikey (8/23/10)

By Mikey 

Remember the Menendez brothers? Those guys were the talk of the town after they murdered their parents, but I guess that kind of fame only lasts so long.

I am a safe sex advocate.

I know a great way to catch nightcrawlers, but it's a secret. I don't want anybody taking all the worms!

If Mr. Magoo is so blind, then why does he have a driver's license?

People who talk on their cellphones in the library are rude.

Don't ever give me a glass of milk unless you want to see me fly off the handle.

Gomer Pyle is one of my favorite fictional marines.

I don't see what's so great about Michigan.

Mark Summers is a solid game show host, but as far as food shows go he leaves something to be desired.

I haven't cried once since September 11, 2001.

If chess is the sport of kings, what does that make polo, or roller hockey, for that matter.

I think this computer might explode.

Why isn't there a Donkey Kong movie? I would go see it.

The fish aren't biting this summer like they used to.

Oatmeal is never good, not even in a cookie. It's just gross!


  1. This is two weeks in a row with Gomer Pyle mentions. Are you watching TVLand, Mikey? Do you have any Jim Nabors CDs?

  2. A Donkey Kong movie would be horrible! Mikey, you're basically wishing plagues on humanity.

  3. the menendez brothers are still the talk of my town.