Life with Mikey (8-09-10)

By Mikey 

I try to eat at least two pieces of fruit a day. I find it hard, even though fruit is delicious and sweet. I have no problem eating sour gummy worms, but I just never think of grabbing a banana instead. I even like bananas more than the gummy worms!

I like the plays where they feed you dinner.

This is a pretty funny website. You should read it.

When people start philosphical arguments about chickens or eggs I always get hungry. I guess that's what they call "the munchies."

Who cares if Superman or the Flash is faster? I care who is better at fishing and 4-wheeling. I would bet the Flash and Superman, respectively.

I roll my eyes every time I walk past a Hot Topic in the mall.

I never watched The Ghost Whisperer. It sounds very scary.

I leant my boss my Who's the Boss Season 1 DVDs over a month ago and still haven't gotten them back. Is it time to buy them again?

"Mambo no. 5" is one of the few songs you'll see me on the dancefloor for.

Elmer Fudd always seemed a little too attracted to Bugs Bunny. I let my son watch the cartoons, but I always discuss them with him afterwards.

I only know two people that smoke cigarettes.

Arson is a bad crime because there is no money in it.

I wish they would make a proper Van Wilder sequel.

Frozen vegetables are easier to pick out than fresh.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is my favorite mystery movie.

When is virtual reality coming out? I've been waiting for 15 years.


  1. Haha, Mikey, your assessments of Hot Topic and this website are both correct!

  2. Eat bananas instead of gummy worms, dummy. Bananas are good for you and gummy worms are made out of gelatin! They are not vegan!


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