One Week in Entertainment

By Glenn and Stephen 

So much has happened in entertainment this week we needed two people to cover the "news." Think of Stephen and I as akin to other popular Hollywood duos: Cagney & Lacey, Turner & Hooch, Phil and Brynn Hartman, etc.

Jessica Simpson describes her "therapy" to People this week. I'm not sure why "therapy" needs to be in quotes, but it was in the original story - probably some sort of overture to the cult of Scientology. In the article she said: "But at this point, nothing else can be said about me that could be worse than I have already read." Let's see if we can't prove her wrong.

Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn exchanged heated words about the former's decision to run for President. Penn said that he hasn't seen Wyclef while he's been in Haiti doing relief work and Wyclef said that the charity he created years ago is the reason people like Penn can even travel there. It's hard to take sides in this debate because it isn't one. Penn was thrown off the ballot himself, so this is probably just sour grapes. Sean Penn will be the new Haitian Lyndon LaRouche.

Lollapalooza is this weekend. The biggest dilemma young people and hipsters went through was whether to see the Strokes or Lady Gaga. Personally I don't see why one would forgo our generation's Led Zeppelin to see our generation's Madonna. The Strokes are on their way BACK into our lives, and let's show them some appreciation.

A company has released the "Max Headroom" television series on DVD. It aired on ABC from 1987-1988, which was before most of our readership was born. There's no real way to explain what the show is like - partially because I've never seen it and partially because it makes Twin Peaks look like Friends. But it's definitely worth checking out.

Mary Hart is leaving "Entertainment Tonight," the entertainment and world politics talk show that has been on the air for decades. She said she has things she wants to do with her life and she needs to move on to start doing them. A lesson for all of us: if you waste your life, you will wake up one day and realize you need to stop hosting an entertainment television show.

John Aylesworth, who created the show Hee-Haw, died this week at age 81. If he were still alive today, he would running for governor of Tennessee and saying absolutely outrageous shit about Jews and traffic tickets.


  1. I grew up on 'Hee-Haw' which would explain my sympathies towards Mel Gibson.
    What a week in entertainment!

  2. stephen and glenn, you make a gr8 pair! you're the next regis and kelly.

  3. I had an amazing comment about how you guys were like the rap group Tag Team, but Beth's computer wouldn't allow me to post it. Now, much like Tag Team's career, that comment has fallen off the face of the Earth.

  4. This was great I hope to read future past G&S duo articles! That Brynn Hartman reference was too soon...


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