One Year In Texas Talk 8-11-10

By Nate 

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Too hot for civilians

An interesting thing happened to me today and really got me thinking. I was mowing the grass during the heat of the day, from 3 to 5 p.m., when my neighbor stopped by to tell me it was too hot for me to be doing that. Well, I am a Vietnam vet. It wasn’t too hot for me to be there then, so I don’t think it’s too hot for me to be in my yard. Plus, I like to think about the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan. It isn’t too hot for them, and they have to carry all of that gear. I also have to say it gives me a strange sickening feeling that a top general was fired not because he couldn’t take the heat but because he ridiculed his so-called civilian leaders. I wish I had a nickel for every time I ridiculed the civilian leaders when I was in ’Nam. I wouldn’t be mowing my own grass.

Cats and dogs or brothers and sisters?

I’m responding to the person who wanted to have a cooling place for their pets. As far as I’m concerned, my pets are part of my family, and they’re in the house with us, both the dog and the cat. So mine don’t have to sit outside panting and panting and panting. I consider them family members.


Hey y’all. If the aliens were to land tomorrow and ask to see our leader, who would we take them to? We don’t have a leader no more.

Did Ron Paul call in?

OK, get out of Iraq, get out of Afghanistan, say go to hell to North Korea, legalize drugs, stop the illegals from getting into our country, deport those here who shouldn’t be and then see what happens. See if the world’s a better place. See if more of our armed forces are alive and kicking and ready for the big one, which may come, but we’ll be more prepared for it with more people on alert. But knock off this crap of trying to save the world inch by inch. It doesn’t work.

Maybe a Jake and Glenn debate could answer you

I keep up on current news by newspapers, TV and radio; however, I have never been able to determine why we are fighting in Afghanistan. Could you in a few words tell me why? Please, no long, rambling reason, just be concise and to the point. Why are we in Afghanistan?


  1. There is no reason we are fighting in Afghanistan. This one caller has spoken to a deep sentiment within us all.

    Also, pets are not family members.

  2. I would take the aliens to Mel Gibson. He's my leader.

  3. i'm honestly SHOCKED that ron paul is reading oyit.


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