Good Morning Unrelated Topics

By Stephen 

Today's Weather

No tornadoes! Because Hurricane Earl failed to wreak havoc last week (as promised by the National Weather Service), President Obama has decided not to release any more high speed winds until after the midterm elections.

Song of the Day

Hall & Oates' music is even more relevant today than it was 30 years ago. Rich girls, take heed!

Today's Food Recommendation: NOT FOR VEGETARIANS

Squab, pictured above, is pigeon meat. Supposedly it tastes like duck. If you like ducks too much to eat them, try squab instead.

Today's Viral Animal Video

This isn't new, I know. But there's a story behind why I'm posting it! I first came across the video last year when my Google alert for "chimpanzee driving" notified me about it. You can imagine how disappointed I was. I couldn't even finish the clip. About a year later (today) I woke up thinking about monkeys on segways. Naturally this video came to mind.


  1. Thanks Stephen -- I'm now disturbed enough to start my day.

  2. At least there's a good guy controling the universe these days - go Obama!

  3. God, I would hate to be a rich girl right now!

  4. You have a google alert on chimpanzee driving?


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