One Week in Entertainment

By Glenn 

Kanye West Writes Taylor Swift a Song
Yes, Kayne West is trying to atone for the unspeakable crime he committed against teenager Taylor Swift at the MTV Awards Show. A song is almost literally the least he can do considering the grievous wrong committed almost one year ago. What Kayne West did to Taylor Swift was worse than rape, torture or murder. It was humiliation, in front of the entire MTV-viewing world. A song is a good first step, but killing himself is the only way to truly atone.

Romeo Beckham Celebrates 8th Birthday Lakers-Style
This is the son of Victoria and David (who has a god-awful tat sleeve, by the way) Beckham. He turned eight so in response his parents through him a birthday party with Los Angeles Lakers colors and lazer tag. David Beckham raped someone like Kobe Bryant and Victoria Beckham just sat in the front row wearing sunglasses. This reminded me a lot of my 8th birthday party and my 28th birthday party later this year.

Nicole Richie Owns Up to Past Mistakes (and Bad Tattoos)
I assume the mistakes are her kids, but I'm more interested in the tattoo. She got the word "virgin" tattooed on her wrist at age 16. Where were her parents? Did they give approval? She regrets it now, which shocked me when I read it because most tattoos you get at 16 will be as cool for the rest of your life as they were the day someone drew them on you in permanent ink. Nicole, you are one of a kind.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Enjoy Playtime with the Kids
Two Hollywood stars have kids and they play with them.

Six Most Memorable Moments of (the Original) Beverly Hills, 90210
Earlier this week the date was 9.02.10. If you look closely and remove the periods you'll notice this is a five digit number that could also be a zip code. This zip code was included in the title of a popular TV show in the 1990s - MY ERA. I remember watching Beverly Hills 90210 every Thursday night to see what real teenagers just like me would be doing. They did things like have sex and shoot themselves with their father's guns. I do not have nostalgia for a mediocre show such as this one.

Zac Efron will rather stay his girlfriend than go out partying‏
Isn't that a sentiment most of us can share? Zac is dating Vanessa Hudgens, who was also in the High School Musical film series with him. I have no interest in those movies, but did catch Zac starring in 17 Again this week and it was a surprisingly good film. He has a lot of charisma. I'm not sure in the movie whether he was acting in it or they put Matthew Perry's brain in his body, but either way I am in favor of Zac Efron now. So I'm glad he's staying home with his girlfriend where he can truly be happy.


  1. taylor swift isn't a teenager anymore

  2. i everything want you see go to ready love you keep yourself said hot sex 90 vh1.

  3. Well said dbr2895. dbr2894 raised similar yet more provocative points last month.

  4. Glenn, you neglected to point out that every single celebrity you mentioned is gay! Must Perez Hilton do all this work himself?!?

    Also, dbr2895, will you marry me?

  5. I love any post that talks about kanye west. Taylor swift was given the gift of publicity form mr. Martin louie the king jr. Himself. The least she should have done was sing the song he made for her. The Justin beiber song is amazing. Who gives wu tang to pre teen girls and soccer moms, kanye doe.

    This article rocks.


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