KTz Movie Preview Reviewz

By Katy

(Rated PG-13, which is unfortunate because, I had this whole thing worked out where it was rated R, for remake... because America keeps remaking foreign films. Get it? R? Well, eff you then).

My Synopsis: Death. BUM BUM bummmmmm. The big sleep, annihilation, oblivion, expiration, fatality, however you'd like to put it, we think about it, sometimes agonize over it, and most experience it. Hereafter follows the story of three people connected by circumstance who LIVE death. George (Matt Damon) is an American worker with a "special connection" to death. Marie (C├ęcile de France) is a French journalist who brushes death and it blows her grasp on reality. Finally, Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren), is a London schoolboy who after losing someone close to him begins a quest to discover what happens when you die. In meeting, they all come to an agreement that death is what happens when you die.

My Take: Who doesn't like a movie about death directed by Clint Eastwood? No, really, I'm being genuine here. I'm actually mildly interested to see where this goes. Despite my distaste in all these foreign film remakes, Clint Eastwood hasn't done a terrible job as a director the past few years. Plus, I love French journalists and English schoolboys... in the appropriate ways. Sounds like the perfect movie to chomp popcorn all the way through.

Paranormal Activity II
(Rated R for RIP, and not doing it).

My Synopsis: There's a baby in the mirror and then there's not. And a lot of other stuff happens. Spooky stuff. Like, in one scene, Bernie Mac is sitting in a rocking chair reciting lines from House Party 3 and knitting. In another scene, the inhabiants of the haunted home happen upon Rasputin and Rudolph Valentino playing a game of pool and arguing over which one can claim the title Lothario, as well as who was the most blantant homosexual. Eerie, right? This is certainly not a movie for the children, or most audiences everywhere.

My Take: A small bit of me is curious. I'm not one for horror movies, but I'm intrigued by how scary people claim the first Paranormal Activity was. Since I'm a badass and get scared by nothing short of a Palin-run Tea Party convention, I find the challenge enchanting, but nevertheless, not worth my time... unless the movie has a scene about ghost-Sarah Palin heading up a team of ghoulish Tea Partiers... then I'm in. Someone get back to me on that.


  1. hey one year in texas! I like the new site, but what's the significance of 'it's a girl thing'?

  2. It's just a joke. It will be switched soon.


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