Life with Mikey (10-04-10)

By Mikey 

I'm lucky that I have good eye sight, but my wife can't say the same. Hopefully our son gets his eye genes from me, otherwise he's going to be a four-eyes like his mom.

Little Caesars might be cheap, but it's not worth the $5. Just go to Dominos like a normal person.

I refuse to buy a new rake, and my rake only has 3 teeth left on it.

My son needs to spend more time reading and less time drawing pictures of Donkey Kong. I blame myself, though.

Hotcakes are not that big of seller these days. Everybody wants crepes.

There are too many rap songs about shooting and not enough about sharing. Let's teach the kids something, Snoop Dogg!

People are too obsessed with getting tattoos these days. Everybody is going to look like a mural by the time they die.

You know what I'd like to try on a hamburger? Avocado.

Whatever happened to arcades?

Pennies are worthless. Let's just do the world a favor and get rid of them already.

Chicken noodle soup does not cure illness, but it is delicious. Still, just give me medicine if I'm sick.

Americans need to drink more tea. I'm not going to, but as a whole I think we should.

I just spent the last two hours bidding on John Candy memorabilia on Ebay.

Somebody tell me why we aren't shooting our garbage into space.

Howie Mandel is a comic genius.

It's tragic that Houdini died from being punched in the stomach. He should have drown or something.


  1. I had Little Caesar's yesterday and it was pretty good. Better than Dominos anyway, you cad.

  2. you're right, mikey. i would LOVE some crepes right now.

  3. Yeah quite knockin' the $5 pizza mikey! Not all of us can afford Dominos. Though I will have to agree (begrudgingly) that hotcakes are in a sad state. I'd rather have blueberry hotcakes, gotta say.


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