Life with Mikey (10-18-10)

By Mikey

It's time to buy a new rake. How do I pick one out? Do I go by price, number of teeth or width? I'll probably get the one with the best name.

When is Kevin Eubanks going to release an album?

If somebody starts telling me about he world's oldest tree I'm going to sleep for 3 days!

I am going to miss tubing. Why can't it always be summer in the midwest?

I'm glad I have never been haunted.

I rarely comment on the websites and blogs I read, but I always comment to my wife about the TV shows and movies we watch.

Fishing for compliments is the one kind of fishing I never do.

Buying Boardwalk or Park Place in Monopoly is such a novice thing to do.

When it comes to shaving, the more blades the better. If they made a razor with 80 blades I'd use it.

I'm glad there aren't flying cars. Imagine one of those crashing into your house!

Vanilla Ice had a couple good tunes, but PM Dawn is way better. Yet, PM wasn't as big of a star. Show business is all politics.

They are making movies out of board games now. I hope they make Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur. Hopefully it's not in 3D with the dinosaurs vomiting. I'd still see it, but I probably wouldn't like it as much.

Never tell me a secret. I don't want to know and I will not keep it.

I'm not buying a Blu-Ray player. DVDs are fine. I don't care about resolution. Who wants to see Edward James Olmos in HD anyway?


  1. Mikey going for gross out humor is odd, him talking about Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur is pretty common.

  2. I'm pretty sure Kevin Eubanks has an album, but I would never listen to it.

  3. An important part of the rap-game is to connect with the ladies. PM Dawn was pretty good, but Vanilla Ice renovates houses on one of those stupid ass home networks. So, he still connects with the ladies on a regular basis. Unless PM Dawn was a lady (undetermined), then his only connection with the ladies is the PM part. So, my vote is for Vanilla Ice.

  4. Yeah, Mikey, you never keep my secrets! Every one I've ever told you has ended up in this column!


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