One Year In Texas Talk 10-06-10

By Nate

One Year In Texas Talk is an answering machine we have set up to our OYIT hotline. Please call in and leave an anonymous message. If we deem it worthy, it will show up in this weekly piece. Tell us what's on your mind. It doesn't even have to pertain to the website!

No rights for sinners

Yeah, I was calling in because we have to stop the liberal indoctrination that's going on at college campuses. You know what they're teaching at college? That homosexual marriage is a human rights issue. That's ridiculous. Being gay is a sin. You don't need special rights because you're committing a grotesque sin. Wake up people. They're just homosexuals.

Stop the presses

Now, I don't know if this is true or not, but I saw on the History Channel that aliens may have built the pyramids in ancient Egypt. So why is everybody getting so upset about illegal aliens building our garages? All aliens are alike and nobody is going around complaining about the pyramids, at least not that I have heard.

Gas, Grass or...Mass!?

I have a problem with local teens sticking forks in my lawn at night. When I wake up the next day there are about 100 plastic forks sticking in my lawn and overnight they froze there and are really hard to pull out. I don't know where they got this idea, but it is reprehensible. I work hard on my lawn, I mow it about every 9 or so days. I think we need to send these kids to church and let the lord work them over. Maybe then they would have some respect for other people's property.

Don't put this on the Computer

I see the university has hired a bunch of Asian faculty and Hispanics. I wonder how many of those can speak good English. How many times do students have to deal with teachers that can’t speak English? I’ve had the wonderful experience of having to deal with a doctor at the med center who had to repeat everything he said twice just so I could understand a single word he said. We should not have people working here who do not speak good English. And don’t put this on the computer. Put it in the paper.

Chapter and Verse

Regarding the caller who suggested Barack Obama is not baptized, I call his attention to Page 208 of ‘The Audacity of Hope’ in the chapter titled ‘Faith,’ in which Obama describes being baptized at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He wrote ‘I felt God’s spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to his will and dedicated myself to discovering his truth.

Rebel yell

I think I am finally starting to figure out President Obama. Since he has a ax to grind with America and America’s past, the reason he won’t help any of the Southern states with the immigration problem is because they were rebels during the Civil War. He is not going to help anyone whom he sees was against his African-American side.

With child

I work with this girl who at one time was a real go-getter. Now she can’t push a broom to sweep the floor and cannot lift anything. Why? Because she is pregnant. In my opinion, if you can’t push a broom to sweep the floor, then you should be on bed rest. If you can’t lift anything, stop lifting the cigarettes to your mouth.

The Bible says

There’s a danger with the government controlling our health care as well as our pensions. In Revelations, it says unless you belong to a certain persuasion, you will not be allowed to compete in commerce. In other words, you will do what you’re told, or you will not trade or eat or be taken care of. Once the government has the ability to sway your votes, you’ll be compelled to do what they say.

America's Chickens are coming home to roost!

AMERICANS claim to be serious about education. However, when a suggestion is made to extend the school year to equal that of other advanced nations in the world, the public will come up with every excuse in the book not to do so. To me, this illustrates that the children rule the roost.

The Needle and the Damage texting and cell phones?

Today we were going to a meeting and we were going east on Mitchell Avenue. Right on 26th Street, I just happened to look out the window as a passenger and there, laying very plainly on the grass, was somebody’s used needle. That was absolutely the stupidest thing that people could do. But they are drug people, so that’s why they don’t have any brains. Children could pick that up and get germs from it. And if you have HIV, you can give it to those kids because they’d play with the needle. That is absolutely ludicrous. Texting is a problem, yes, but the cell phones are worse. If you can’t walk and chew bubble gum, how do you expect to drive a car and talk?

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