One Year in Texas Talk 10-13-10

By Nate

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College? Who goes to college?
COULDN'T employers and technical school educators provide valuable feedback to the Department of Education regarding new high school graduates? They might provide more valuable information, perhaps at a lower cost. Passing tests isn't the point of school. Getting the interview, getting the job, keeping the job, and surviving in this new difficult economy are the point of school.

Great column
I read a column on grade inflation at our colleges and universities. It was very informative. I attended Ball State during the late 1960s. I do not recall anyone graduating with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. Today, perfect GPA graduates are quite common. Are today's students that much brighter than 40 or 50 years ago? Simply handing out good grades is the reason that college education doesn't carry the weight it once did.

Public school results
WHAT do you expect from a government-run school? Springfield public schools want more money. What's been done with the money from the last bond issue? I need to see some results from this bond issue before I consider a donation. Same goes for the Post Office and the DMV.  If there isn't a change this November, I might not be paying any taxes come April.

Extended school year
FOR the normal child, I don't think the school year needs to be longer. Children already get senioritis. By the time children get to their senior year, they're not all that interested in school anyway and the intelligent ones are already planning to go on to college. Summer vacation is a good time to teach your children swimming lessons, it gives you time with your child.

Fix the flag
I passed by the VFW on Queenshighway the other day and was appalled. The flags in front of the building were faded and torn. You are supposed to be the example. You're doing it wrong.  Fix it.

Fishing Line
WITH all of these oil spills and "global warming," it seems like the fishing just isn't as good anymore. I used to be a good fisherman, but now I feel adequate at best. I wish the government would get off of their duffs and fix things so that recreational fishermen like myself could catch some decent fish. Let's get out of all of these wars and focus on the problems we have at home.

National debt
ACCORDING to the government accounting office, the amount of debt Americans are facing as a result of government commitments is $53 trillion -- $175,000 per American. It isn't too late to save the land of the free and it starts with understanding the difference between policies that promote freedom and those that advanced the socialism of President Obama.

Too sedentary
OUR society is far too sedentary, particularly when compared to other countries. So as to get us to walk at least a little bit more, I call upon the City Council to join with other communities in our country and pass an ordinance doing away with all retail drive-throughs.

Obama irresponsibility
I am offended that President Obama called people like me irresponsible for complaining about the economy. He's had two years in office to do something about the economy. I think maybe he's the one who needs to step up to the plate and say he's the one who made the mistake. I will be voting on Nov. 2, and I'm not a Democrat or Republican, I'm for the best person for the job.


  1. I like how the first word of every call, I guess, is capitalized now. It makes this article seem very French.

    I also like how that person thinks senioritis is a real disease, but they could teach swimming in school if they extended the year.

  2. I owe 175,000 fucking dollars?? I CAN'T PAY THAT!

  3. You're grandchildren are going to pay for it, Glenn!


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