Life with Mikey (11-01-10)

By Mikey 

Halloween was last night and I forgot to turn the light on during the Trick or Treat hours so I still have so much candy left. Oops. I guess we'll just have to eat it.

I would eat coconut more often if they weren't so hard to get into.

I have never played the lottery, but if I felt lucky enough I guess I would.

Snorting cocaine seems like a bad idea. Why don't people just smoke it if they have to do it?

I like when rappers do the songs at the end of movies. I loved the MC Hammer Adams Family tune.

What's the point of chewing gum? I understand bubblegum--you get to blow a bubble.

I wish the NBA slam dunk contest lasted all year long.

The police do the best job they can. You want them to do a better job, then let's give them better funding.

I would not want to fight Billy Banks.

The Monster Mash is probably my favorite dance and one of my favorite songs.

Nobody has ever asked me to rap for them, but if they do I will be ready.

I will never let my son go as a ghost for Halloween.

Karate is the Lady Gaga of the martial arts world.

The best thing you can have a handful of is pumpkin seeds.

Horror movies have made me afraid of three things: sleeping, camping and dolls.


  1. You're always so down on karate. I hope somebody chops you in the head.

  2. I have a feeling you left the porch light off on purpose...your wife is going to be so mad!

  3. Jake should share with you his favorite version of the 'monster mash'. I think you'd really enjoy it heheheheh.......


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