What I Learned from... The Dark Knight (2008)

By Bryan

With "What I learned from..." I'll be taking a look back at classic and popular films, highlighting their central themes, important messages, and tokens of insight. This week, I take a look back at 2008's critically acclaimed and Oscar winning Batman film, "The Dark Knight." Directed by Christopher Nolan, it is generally considered the best superhero film to date, as well as one of the best films of 2008; in particular, Heath Ledger's swansong performance as The Joker was (deservedly) highly praised. (Pretend I wrote this article in 2008 and this was extremely relevant.)

What I learned from... The Dark Knight:

  • Only rich corporate executives have the power to make a difference, and when common people of the lower classes attempt to enact the same change, they only cause more problems for the upper class that's doing the ACTUAL work.

  • Extradition laws are used only by the shadiest, most corrupt people to evade justice in the United States. These laws should be circumvented whenever possible, by whatever means; the United States justice system has no actual border.

  • There can be no purpose behind the destruction of capital: the villainous fiend behind such an act must just wish to "watch the world burn," and have no actual reasoning behind his actions.

  • The justice system has many failings: whenever justice cannot be properly achieved, a gun in the right hands can make a fair substitute.

  • Surveillance of innocent, private citizens is warranted, as long as it intends to serve a greater purpose in the interests of law enforcement.

  • Depriving arrested citizens of their rights is acceptable, depending on the severity of the crimes they're accused of.

  • All cops are corrupt; it's just a fact, and something everyone needs to accept and live with.

  • Lies told to protect the public from itself are necessary, and in their own way, good.

  • The public image of politicians and government officials must be protected at all costs, even if that means covering up capital crimes such as murder and placing their blame on other, innocent parties.

  • Heath Ledger was a pretty great actor.


  1. I like this new series and I liked that Batman movie too. I hope Christopher Nolan's Archie movie is as good and dark.

  2. I should have put an "lol" in there somewhere. People like my articles with the lols.

  3. I learned that extreme privacy invasion is perfectly acceptable as long as it helps catch a single psychopath.

    Also, converting simple cell phones into high-resolution echo transponders is completely possible. *Geeky snicker*

    This was actually a fun piece to read.

  4. Next in Bryan's series: Things we learned about romance from Titanic.


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