What Movies are Out in Theaters? (12-24-10)

By Jake 

Little Fockers
The "Meet the Parents" franchise of movies is pretty bad, but what really bothers me about it is that in 14 years they will be remaking it. And the worst part of it all: it comes in second to the Yogi the Bear 3D remake. Good thing we will all be dead by then.
Should You Go See This?: If you are actually thinking about seeing this, maybe it is time to take a long look into the mirror and reevaluate your life.

Gulliver's Travel
Can Gulliver sleigh Tron: Legacy at the box office? It will! Christmas is usually a pretty good money weekend for movies. No matter how much I urge people to not see films in the theater, they still do it. There is no stopping these people. I am sure this is a good movie to take your 8-year-old daughter to. A better place to take your 8-year-old daughter: the museum.
Should You Go See This?: If you have a kid who really wants to see it, and you see it in 3D, then I can understand seeing it. It could be decent.

True Grit
Little Fockers is a sequel in the Meet the Parents trilogy, Gulliver's Travel is based on the book and other film versions and True Grit is a remake of a John Wayne movie. Even the Coen Brothers cannot think of an original movie to make. Fuck them and fuck this movie. It looked good in the trailer, but I will be damned if I support another fucking remake. Why is it so impossible to make an original movie? There are probably 10 coming out every week, but they get no promotion and nobody sees them. People see these remakes/sequels because the trailers explode on to television like a Eric Robert Rudolf bomb.
Should You Go See This?: You might want to go see this because it is a Coen Brothers' movie. I get that, I really do. Just remember this: this is another fucking remake and by giving your money to it, it is telling Hollywood that remakes are fine and that you support their making of them.

This Week I Watched
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: This was very flashy and fun. See it if you like video games, jailbait Asian girls and Michael Cera. I like all three so I gave it 8/10.

MacGruber: This is a dumb movie. Very dumb. And maybe I am dumb. I sort of liked it. 6.5/10

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work: There is a scene where Melissa is staring into a mirror at her plastic surgery scarred face, while Joan refuses to support her career. Melissa Rivers might be the saddest human being ever captured on film, unless they taped a screening of Biodome. 7.5/10


  1. I grew up loving Gulliver's Travels so I actually want to see this and I think your judgements are fair and honest - no homo. Was it stomach churning to watch Joan and Melissa Rivers? I can't imagine not at least throwing up a little in your mouth during the whole ordeal.



  3. All I really remember from MacGruber is Val Kilmer being pudgy and a nude Will Forte with a stick of celery stuck in his ass.

  4. i loved true grit! think of it more as a different adaptation of the book than a remake of the movie. i also watched joan rivers: a piece of work on instant watch the other night. agree with your assessment.


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