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After my article "Life with Mikey" got cut due to the economic downturn I was feeling pretty bad. I would sit at work and have all of these great thoughts and nowhere to share them. I couldn't figure out how to text so I never used my Twitter address that the OYIT people set up for me. So, I asked if I could have an article to share my opinions on some modern issues and check in with you kids every now and then.

Bazooka Joe
Whoever thought of combining comic strips with bubblegum is a genius. The gum is an 'A' and the comics are a solid 'A+.' The fortunes are pretty accurate, too, even after they just changed the zodiac signs.

I drive a car like a normal person. I cannot stand people who drive SUVs. It's so hard to see around them and over them. Plus, I think they flip over. I'm pretty sure I heard that on the news about 8 years ago. Remember: nobody races SUVs.

Whatever happened to the popular alternative band from the 1990s, Bush? They were great. I guess the singer just hangs out with No Doubt all day. If they have a reunion tour I will buy tickets for me and my son.

Mickey Mouse
This cartoon character should be on a dollar! He is just so darn funny. I like his pals, too, but nobody can beat Mickey, not even Foghorn Leghorn.

They should rename "golf" to "zzzzz." It is one of the only things on TV that I find boring, besides C-SPAN. If I fall asleep while golf is on, wake me up when the strong man contest starts.


  1. Mikey, your take on golf was pretty harsh. You eat at Arby's, which is the golf of food.

  2. This is really funny, especially the take on golf.


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