Untertainment Weakly (3-18-11)

By Jake 

RIP Nate Dogg.

Another American Pie sequel! Your prayers have been answered, Glenn.

Snooki will be wrestling at WrestleMania. She will team with John Morrison and Trish Stratus to wrestle Dolph Ziggler and LayCool.

Gilbert Gottfried was fired from being the voice of Aflac after making a bunch of great jokes about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Most importantly, Red Riding Hood flopped! Thank you, America, for hopefully killing this awful trend before it starts. Fuck Hollywood for even trying to make a sexy fairytale.

NBC has renewed The Office, Community and Parks and Recreation. People are still watching The Office? Why? 30 Rock was already renewed.

People continue to say "duh, winning," which is what I believe caused the Japanese earthquake.

Movies Out Today

Limitless - An experimental drug makes a guy smarter and richer (if I am to believe the trailer), but also makes him a target. This movie is decidedly pro-drug and hunting humans. It is PG-13, so that should immediately tell you if this is a movie for you or not. PG-13 is probably the worst rating a movie can receive. It tells you that the studios only have faith in idiot teens going to the cinema to view it. Case in point: almost every Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey movie are rated PG-13 and they are mostly stupid and bad. If you are a teen, email me and I will send you a OYIT sticker that you can use to promote our website. Somebody has to get the word out and we have been doing a terrible job. Should you go see this movie? No, obviously not. It sounds stupid.

Paul - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost hang out with an alien named Paul (Seth Rogen). While this movie looks bad via the trailer, I do enjoy the work of the actors in this usually. If Simon Pegg writes the movie, his movies are good and he wrote this one with Frost. This movie is rated R, which is weird if you see the trailer. This movie is probably pretty odd. Ebert said it was good, but not too good, citing Seth Rogen as the issue. I don't think Roger Ebert likes Seth Rogen, but I do. I will probably see this movie, but probably not in the theater, although it did cross my mind while writing this preview (or whatever it is).

The Lincoln Lawyer - Matthew McConaughy stars as a lawyer who does business out of his car. That's all I know about this, but it is supposed to be good. It's a thriller. So I lied, I know that about it, too. See it when it comes out of DVD, I guess. Who even wants to go to the theater any more? Everybody has huge TVs and strangers don't cut beef farts your place, hopefully.

Other Thoughts?

I have been thinking about changing my Netflix plan to streaming only. I have had Castle in the Sky since the beginning of the month and haven't even considered watching it, while my girlfriend and I tear through seasons of Monk and I watch X-Files. Next month will bring us Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Frasier, Cheers, Andy Griffith Show and a bunch of other quality shows that I could potentially watch. Plus, my gf works at the library and movies are free from there. Am I making a mistake?

I think that's good for now. Remember to share OYIT with your friends (or enemies, if you don't like it) and comment on our articles, please.


  1. It's probably not a mistake, but sometimes there are things you'd like on DVD that aren't instant watch. For example, I'm going through Season 2 of the Wire right now and all the episodes of PBS Nova for the last 50 years.

  2. I'm glad you are finally getting around to season 2 of The Wire. I agree that there are things on DVD that aren't on IW that I'd like to see, but, like I said, Kaleena works at the library and we can get virtually anything.

  3. You mean 'make a sexy fairytale even SEXIER!'! I am going to see Paul tonight w/ Andy!!

  4. I would definitely see Paul in the theater.
    The library won't have anything as sexy as Red Riding Hood,
    I'm down with doing away with the DVD delivery from Netflix.


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