A Netflix Nation

By Kaylee

I’ve found myself to be a gloomy person lately. No, not because of nuclear meltdowns, earthquakes, bad economy, etc, but because I have let my subscription to Netflix end.

It was one of those things that I kept a subscription for, but used less and less as the thrill wore off. My first DVDs were like Christmas presents or finding a puppy in my mailbox (sans fur). The fact that I could keep them until my heart’s desire and exchange them for something new whenever I pleased was great. I’m a busy person so it’s easy for me to accumulate late fees at Hastings.

Still haven’t paid those.

Point is, Netflix is wonderful. Most think that it’s great just for  the low monthly price and the movie-renting freedom one acquires when signing up but it goes so much farther than that.Time is like money. Not in the sense that I could be making money with the time that I saved by getting Netflix, but in the sense that it is very precious. If I were a cocaine addict, then time would be like cocaine.

Point is, like my fellow citizens, I am usually crunched for time. And instead of driving to Hastings, I could just pop open that pretty red envelope and watch the Bourne movies on my rare nights off.

So if you’re skeptical, still, about buying a subscription to Netflix, look at it like this: Netflix is $7.99 a month. A gallon of gas is almost $4.00 now. So you not only get unlimited movie-renting freedom with Netflix, you’re also saving yourself another trip to the pump.

It’s been 11 years since the turn on the century; it’s about damn time you get with the program.


  1. I love Netflix, but fans or followers of my weekly entertainment article know that I have cancelled the DVD feature. I find it hard to watch DVDs, but I watch a ton of TV shows and movies off of Instant Watch. Thanks for the article, Kaylee. I'm excited to see more article by you on this website!

  2. I'm definitely a movie-watcher and when I watch a movie, I have to watch it 10,xxx times . Netflix is a great alternative to having late fees or buying the movie. I was running out of room to store movies.

  3. I had over like $200 in late fees at Family Video a few years ago and then I just never went back or rented a movie again.

  4. I actually shot and killed a clerk at a Blockbuster video last year. This has little to do with Netflix itself, but it definitely encouraged me to keep my account with them vs. trying to rent from brick + mortar stores.

  5. I... Well, I paid my late fees at Hastings and have never killed anyone before. But Netflix has prevented me from doing that!

  6. You mean you haven't killed anyone yet.

  7. Netflix: the only thing preventing most people from become killers.

  8. I hate on Christmas when my puppies arrive in the mail without their fur or tongues! I love this very ambivalent endorsement of Netflix!!

  9. The clerk that Glenn killed at that Blockbuster a year ago?

    Doug Starling.


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