Untertainment Weakly (4-01-2011)

By Jake 

OYIT favorite, Jennifer Aniston, is set to direct a short film in Lifetime’s upcoming short film anthology movie, “Project Five.” I would guess that is a working title. Demi Moore and Alicia Keyes have also been tapped to direct segments. Aniston is also slated to direct a full length film called “The Goree Girls,” about a group of Texan women who form a band in prison.

FX has renewed Archer, which is a pretty good show.

Warner Bros. is apparently thinking about rebooting the Batman series. That would be the dumbest move. The Batman series currently going on, directed by Christopher Nolan, is an Oscar winning series and makes a shitload of money. I hate Warner Bros. Fuck them and their anti-Netflix ways. Assholes.

AMC finally cut a deal with Matthew Weiner for Mad Men to return. This is good because what the hell else does AMC have worth watching? Probably nothing.

Betty White has a new reality program entitled "Betty White's Off Their Rockers.” I am not positive, but I think it is prank show. I mean, who really cares, though?

Movies Out Today
The Source Code - I have seen the trailer for this film during commercial breaks while watching wrestling. It is about a code that lets you go back 8 minutes in time in order to save the world. Hey, I can get behind a movie that is not based off of a TV Show, a reboot of a movie or a remake of a movie. Although, I will hopefully never see this, it sounds pretty stupid. Still, better than seeing a shot-for-shot remake of The Graduate starring Zack Effron.

Insidious - A horror film about a kid being haunted. Is there a better month for horror movies than April? Yes, October. Insidious means “intended to entrap or beguile,” which is a good reason not to see this movie. Who wants to be entrapped by a movie that you have to pay $50 for a ticket to see.

Hop - Russell Brand stars as the Easter Bunny, who is sick of being a third-tier holiday mascot so he moves to New York to start a career in stand-up comedy. He soon finds out that doing comedy is no laughing matter-- it’s hard work. He becomes addicted to cocaine and dies of an overdose while Mary-Kate Olsen is hanging out with him.

Other Thoughts

I’ve been listening to the albums of Hiromi Uehara all this week. I enjoy it, although I do not often listen to jazz fusion. It sounds like muzak composed by Frank Zappa at times, but her pieces with only piano are beautiful.


  1. I think you are confusing "Hop" with the new "Arthur" remake.

    They should reboot Avatar in 2D

  2. I saw Avatar in 2D and it was awful. It's 3 hours long and it's about aliens. Even the X-Files doesn't lower themselves to doing episodes about aliens.

  3. Haha! Hop sounds a lot better than it looked in the preview!!

  4. Over a year later and I'm laughing at my own comment saying they should reboot Avatar in 2D and Jake's follow-up comment about 2D Avatar.


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