Anthony Weiner: Douche Bag

By Omar 

Whatever happened to this new age of civility the media was going to start showing after crazy put a couple bullets into the Lady congresswomen because she wanted to support a women’s right to choose? Just wondering.

So by now, unless the rock you're living under doesn't receive cable, you have heard the story of the communist leftist from New York. Like so many men before him, Congressman Anthony Weiner, to quote the prophet Kanye West, “sent a bitch a picture of his dick.” Actually it was a couple pictures to a couple women while being married and a few even before then.

When this news story broke, I felt it was coincidence because I had just listened to the Savage Love podcast where Dan Savage talked about the trend of people corresponding on dating sites with only the intention to flirt. The gist of Savage’s argument was that there must be a lot of people only interested in sending pictures and nothing else since so many people complain about this exact thing when you go on to any of these sites.

Whether looking for a wife or a mistress, I go the old fashioned route--the route the Catholic priests take and the Pope says nothing about, or worse denies. I have never had to go to any of these dating sites to find women. The online accounts I do have are purely for sociological reasons.

In this case, Anthony Weiner was being a douche bag. Not a Newt Gingrich-sized douche bag--his wife wasn't in the hospital and he wasn't serving her divorce papers in time for his new marriage(for the record this happened twice). Weiner is not a Woody Allen-sized douche bag, where he adopts a daughter with his wife only to, once she reaches legal age, leave his wife for her. Nor is he a "first black president" Bill Clinton-sized douche bag; at least none of the women he sent pictures to were employed by him and his wife upon receiving the news didn't lament about a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Regardless of the size, he was acting like a douche bag. That happens from time to time when it comes to men. Some people say all men are dogs, I am one of them. Others say men are faithful if their options are nil. Either way, Anthony Weiner was a pig that sent women pictures of his phallus. Being a douche bag in this instance is not illegal. Sadly, Mr. Weiner is one of the only democrats with enough ovaries to actually do his job and fight against tea partiers who seek to remove 40 or more years of progressive change. You don't believe me? Try getting family planning services in Kansas.


  1. I don't see how sending a sext makes you a douche bag. This is pretty critical coming from a guy who likes Linkin Park.

  2. Thanks Omar for writing this immediately after the scandal broke, and then waiting patiently for two weeks to have it posted! I really enjoyed the ovaries metaphor!!

  3. This is why we should only elect women to political office.

  4. I think we could start a movement, Communists for Palin. That would get her elected.


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