Saved by the Bell: Dancing to the Max

By Jake 

Episode 6318: Dancing to the Max

The Players
Zack Morris
AC Slater
Samuel "Screech" Powers
Kelly Kapowski
Lisa Turtle
Jessica Spano
Music Teacher
Principal Richard Belding

A group of kids dance at The Max. Max turns off the music, does some magic and announces a huge Casey Kasem sponsored dance contest. Zack and Kelly are a natural fit, but Slater supposedly is the best dancer. As we all know, Zack was learned how to dance in the episode "Save the Last Dance for Me" of “Good Morning, Miss Bliss.” Yet, he still does not know how to dance. I guess this episode or the episode of “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” was not canon. He challenges Slater to a dance off. Screech asks Lisa on a dance date. Danny asks Jesse out on a kissing date, but he’s too short.

In the girls locker room, Jesse is too tall. She has grown an inch since lunch. I fucking hate Jesse right now, but will love her by the end. She is embarrassed about her height. This is a feeling of which I am all too aware.

In music class, Zack teases the teacher about the status of Beethoven’s death. The teacher responds with a very droll music pun. Unfortunately, poor Mrs. Wickham got her head stuck in a tuba so he has to teach two music classes simultaneously. Slater suggests that "Fat" Tommy should blow her out of it, which the teacher thinks is a good idea. They play some Bach and the teacher leaves the room and all of a sudden the classes are really good at playing their instruments, this is like a musical version of Mannequin. This scene continues to last 100 years. The teacher leaves again and Jesse dances.

Zack goes to Jesse to learn how to dance. He is sickened by the thought of Kelly and Slater having their names on a trophy together. Zack shows his moves to Jesse and she suggests he goes with Screech.

Casey Kasem goes to Mr. Belding to discuss the dance party. Belding offers his services as a co-host and then shows off his unreal twisting abilities. Kasem wants a school banner.

Screech dances with a real doll in the halls of Bayside. He asks Lisa to the dance again, but she has a date. Kelly wants the dance off to happen immediately.

Jesse is teaching Zack how to dance and unleashes her top-secret dance move. She tells him about attending dance camp as a child. Jesse fantasizes about how tall she is--too tall to dance! Zack makes a rain joke then compares her to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Screech and Slater are hanging out in the locker room. They discuss Screech’s crush on Lisa. Slater thinks Screech is being too hard on himself and consoles him, but stops when a dude sees them because he might think they are fags (Slater’s words, not mine).

Jesse and Zack continue to dance and Zack is about the same height as Jesse. What a dumb bitch!

Lisa shows up to school in a leg brace. Byron breaks their dance date. The gang is upset. Kelly busts out a boombox and wants this dance-off to happen right now. Zack tells her to go to hell, he wants to go with Jesse instead.

Time for the dance-off. Max is working with props. He introduces Casey Kasem, who in turn introduces Mr. Belding, who presents him with a school banner. We skip to the finals. It’s Kelly and Slater (they get a 95) vs. Zack and Jesse (a 90) vs. Screech and Lisa (a 100!!! ). It’s very convenient that all of our favorite Bayside students are the finalists, isn’t it? I think the voting was rigged. Screech and Lisa win and Byron probably feels like a piece of shit, because he is a piece of shit!



  1. You hate Byron SO MUCH!!! Thanks for saving me the trouble of ever having to watch SBTB!!

  2. Byron is even more shallow than Jesse and Lisa. All he cares about is winning fucking dancing trophies! What a prick.

    The pictures in this article are from the actual episode. I stole them from another site that has SBTB reviews (not recaps).

  3. If people haven't seen this episode they don't understand why Byron was so bad! He used a racial epithet and hit Lisa.

  4. You're thinking of Chris Brown! He called her a Gypsy!!

  5. Are you saying Byron is Chris Brown? I could see it.

  6. The Max. Group is doing a great work. I really like it.


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