Life with Mikey #96

By Mikey 

They should call Diet Squirt liquid courage. You have to be courageous to drink it--it tastes terrible!

Yeah, I've seen Kiss in concert.

This cloud looks like a fish.

Little House on the Prairie is a good show.

Aerosmith should write more songs about colors.

Sharks are stupid.

Let Cuba deal with all this toxic waste.

I don't think I'd eat koala meat. They are just too cute.

The Rock is a good comedy actor.

I am a fan of religion and even I think it's a bit much to say "God bless you" when somebody sneezes.

Everybody in the FBI's last name is either "Smith" or "Johnson." I wonder if they're all related.

Getting drunk always looks like fun in Jackie Chan movies.

Birds can be annoying.

Cartoon wolves are so horny. I don't know about real wolves.

Pink lemonade is too strong for me. I'll just stick to the yellow kind.


  1. Kiss is terrible, but people from your generation love them. They're the ICP of your time and the Kiss Army are the Juggalos.

  2. What cloud looks like a fish? You should upload a picture you fucking moron.

  3. You'll never be as smart as a shark, Mikey! Or a horny fucking cartoon wolf for that matter!!


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