Untertainment Weakly (7-22-2011)

By Jake 

Blink 182 is back! Where is Jared Lee Loughner when you need him? Oh, right: jail.

TNT has canceled "Men of a Certain Age."

JaRule is going to prison for two years for the greatest crime of all: failing to file his taxes.

Earwolf (the podcast network featuring "Comedy Bang Bang") has partnered with Funny of Die. This is the best news out of all the news this week, especially if it gets Will Ferrell on CBB.

The new "Spider-Man" movie will have Peter Parker not as a nerd, but rather a "regular kid." I hope nobody sees this fucking movie.

Holy shit, somebody is making a "Captain Planet" movie. We have hit the bottom of the barrel.

NBC has canceled "Love Bites." Have you heard ot this show? I haven't.

"South Park" has been renewed until 2013. Season 15 returns in October.

Movies Out Today
Captain America - I will probably end up seeing this when it comes to DVD. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for comic books, but not necessarily comic book movies. Yet, I definitely will give these types of films more leeway than your run-of-the-mill blockbuster. Ebert gave this and the next film three stars. Does this matter that much to you? Ebert is nearly dead. Do you take dead men's movie ratings serious? This movie would have been great if they made it right after 9/11 when people were busy loving America instead of calling for our president's birth certificate and being all-around racists.

Friends with Benefits - Didn't this movie just come out with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher (or his equivalent)? Maybe in six months a movie titled "Fuck Buddies" will be released. If you're a stupid woman, go ahead and see this, if you're not stupid or a male, go see something else.

Other Thoughts
I didn't watch any movies this week, I was busy reading. I watched some wrestling, of course, and quite a bit of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete." "Pete & Pete" is such a great show. I think it goes even beyond nostalgia, too. My wife grew up without cable and with only a couple TV stations and she loves it, too.


  1. I anticipate Friends With Benefits being a superior film than the other one because, honestly, I would much rather have a three-way with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. I've given this some very serious thought. I would find those two far less annoying.

    That's not to say it will be a "great" film - just a "superior" film in comparison.

  2. I like how you decry racism in one paragraph and then are sincerely sexist in the next! I Hope the Earwolf/FoD merger leads to an hour long Between Two Ferns podcast!! It would be excruciating to listen to!!!

  3. I wasn't being sexist. I was saying that it's for stupid women. Smart women aren't going to see that, I'd think. They'll watch "The Red Balloon" or "Who is Harry Crumb?"

  4. TNT never should have canceled Men of a Certain Age.

    Why are they making more Spider-man movies?


  5. I heard Captain american is awesome but i always thought that he was incredibly lame. Who joins the military out of anything but desperation and a need to hide from the mob?

    If we can get rid of ashton and justin and have a threeway with mila and natalie that would be the best movie. I guess the two guys would be pretty good too but who would bottom?


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