Transformers: A Conversation

By Jake 

Jerry and Lance sit in a fairly deserted hotel lobby at three in the morning. They spent the night at a bar across the street. They are in town for a self-help seminar on increasing your luck, which is a scam.

Jerry: Hey, buddy, did you see that Transformers movie? You know, Dark of the Moon. It was pretty good, you know.

Lance: You mean “Darkside of the Moon.

Jerry: Nah, that’s not what I meant. No side in it. So did you see it? Lots of people seeing it.

Lance: Eh, I’m not into cars, really. I take public transportation, ride my bike or walk. Not really that into cars.

Jerry: Man, it’s not about the cars. Yeah, they’re cars, but you’re missing the whole point. They are giant robots! They fight each other!

Lance: Eh, they’re cars. I’m just not interested.

Jerry: I...I just...don’t understand. It’s robots...they fight. It has nothing to do with cars.

Lance: Yeah it does. The robots are cars. People drive them. Then they turn into robots, which is fine and all, but they’re still cars. I don’t like cars.

Jerry: All right. I’m going to bed. See you at the seminar tomorrow.

Lance: Goodnight.


  1. Did it happen? Maybe, but it is more of a theoretical conversation. Like that fanfic you wrote about Hitler meeting Donkey Kong.


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