World Post: End Of The World Edition

By Bub

Sarah Palin announces her presidential bid, in tongues.

Disgraced Congressman Mark Foley announces he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, asks teen for second opinion.

Israel has come up with an innovative way of disposing radioactive waste.

A murder scene in Germany so gruesome they had to send in the tiny-vested haz-mat giant.

"Good lord Lindsey. Who let the Jew in here?"

"John, I think that's just a potted plant, but I'll call security just in case."

Casey Anthony smiles after learning of the court order lifting the gay military service ban.

A still from the upcoming Saw movie 'SawXVI: Animal Holocaust'. What is attached to the other end of that string is too disturbing to describe to our World Post readers.

Finally, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel at a City Council meeting this week ordered that all photos of him be taken from a ground-up canted angle in order to appear 'as menacing as possible'.


  1. Haha, thanks for this funny post, Bub!

  2. I have to find out what is on the other end of that string.


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