Untertainment Weakly (7-29-2011)

By Jake 

“Jurassic Park 4” is happening. Good news for fans of both dinosaurs and unwarranted sequels.

Megan Mullally is joining “Happy Endings.” It’s a pretty good show and Megan Mullally is somehow really great now.

Notorious drug abuser Amy Winehouse has passed away.

Yes, there is a “Napolean Dynamite” cartoon and nobody really knows why.

“Captain America” was the number one movie in America.

John Goodman is joining “Community” for a recurring role during its third season.

Bumbling vigilante Alex Trebek was injured chasing a burglar.

Patricia Clarkson is joining “Parks and Recreation” as Ron Swanson’s first ex-wife named Tammy.

Movies Out Today
Smurfs - If you choose to see “Smurfs,” then you are an idiot. “Smurfs” is another installment in the series of unnecessary films based on properties from our childhood. This movie was not made to entertain our depressed nation, but rather to just make money. “Make Smurfs and the marks will see it,” is the line of thinking by the executives who bought the property and produced this feature. Seriously, do not see this fucking movie.

Cowboys & Aliens - Well, title wise, this movie sounds amazing. Cowboys fight aliens could be fun, I suppose. Jon Favreau directed this and he made a couple of legitimately good movies (“Swingers” and “Made”). Yet, I am still having a hard time getting on board with this one, possibly because I’m still mad that “Smurfs” is coming out. I would wait until somebody you trust sees this and recommend it to you. If Glenn tells me it is better than "Independence Day" I will go see it.

Other Thoughts
I finally went to the theater to see “Bridesmaids.” This was the first film I have seen at a cinema since “Machete.” Readers of this weekly feature will probably know that I have been wanting to see this movie since its release, but they will also know that I generally think ticket prices are far too expensive. I would have never gone to see this with my wife, just because it would have been $20 for tickets. Even $10 is absurd, but oh well. It was a good, funny movie and I recommend it, just like I did when I came out and had yet to see it.


  1. Cowboys and Aliens was okay, but the Aliens weren't the ones from the Sigourney Weaver series and no one died.

  2. I am really excited for John Goodman to be on Community! And underwhelmed by Patricia Clarkson being on P&R!! Thanks Jake!!!

  3. I actually really like Patricia Clarkson. At first, when I read that, I thought it was the lady from Home Improvement and was pissed.


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