Moral Tales

By Jake 

According to the elderly, this world is going to Hell in a handbasket. While nobody is sure what a handbasket is, one thing we all know is that our moral compass has been pointing south for far too long. These tales of morality are meant only for novelty purpose, but if they end up helping you in your day-to-day life then so be it.

Tale One: Drinking and Driving
Dr. Vaughn was the best cardiologist in northern Kentucky. His wife was an alcoholic and one day hit a child with her car while driving home from brunch after having too many mimosas. The child didn't die, but it did not have a very good life. Several years later, the doctor died suddenly in his sleep and nobody was sure why. The autopsy didn't reveal anything. His wife committed suicide because she knew that he died because she hit that child. And she was right.

Tale Two: Jaywalking
A man jaywalked fairly regularly. He didn't even know it was against the law. Still, he got a ticket for it and ended up having to miss a day of work to go to court to contest it and was fired from his job. Now he is homeless.

Tale Three: Armed Robbery
Imitating his favorite rap songs, young Brutus went to 7-11 with a gun, a ski mask and a sack. He forced the clerk to give him all of the money in the register, but didn't know about the safe. The police picked up Brutus running down main street and took him to jail. He was tried as an adult and was put into a prison. He was raped several times.

Tale Four: Lying
Terrence was the only mechanic in town. He overcharged people and told them things were wrong with their cars when they were not. People had to accept it because they had nowhere else to turn. One day, when he was leaving work, he put his keys into the ignition of his car and it would not start!


  1. The morality in these tales is fucked up. Terrence deserved worse and the jaywalker deserved much better - such as having his child get hit by a car!

  2. I liked these a lot! #4 was my favorite, he really got what he deserved!!


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